Our Role

Since 1997, Workforce Planning for Sudbury & Manitoulin (WPSM) has been supporting economic stability and prosperity within the Districts of Sudbury & Manitoulin by addressing the many factors that impact on the labour market. As the economy shifts and industries grow/decline, so does the supply and demand on the labour market.

At Workforce Planning for Sudbury & Manitoulin, we are committed to keeping abreast of labour market changes. Information and data from Statistics Canada along with local reports, studies and news articles are used to compile an annual Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP) Report. This is supplemented by consultations with key leaders across communities and across sectors.

This information helps us to:

  • identify trends and gaps in the labour and employment markets that impact on our communities and on specific sectors,
  • develop new and innovative partnerships, programs and activities to address current and anticipated (future) needs,
  • identify training needs (through consultations, public meetings, focus groups, surveys and other data sources),
  • explore training options that are available to meet those needs in both the public and private sectors and
  • act as an objective third party at local planning tables and discussions on labour market issues.

Our success relies heavily on collaboration and participation from all sectors and the community.

Please note: we do not fund or provide training programs.

This Employment Ontario Project is funded by the Government of Ontario